Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tied up Revolution

I spend in this hellish corridor at least two days, actually i think it was even three but i don't remember since they completely drugged me there. The only thing I know is that I was in a very revolutionary mood. Because of that the personnel decided to give me my own room. My OWN ROOM, beautiful. My own room - so called solitary confinement. The night came and I woke up, the string was torturing me, I couldn't breath. I started calling them, but nobody was coming, nobody was paying any attention, they were ignoring me completely or they didn't believe me. I heard their voices behind the wall, I knew they were there, sitting and smoking in great moods, watching TV and eating "Merci" chocolates. It was hopeless, it was excruciating. I used all my powers to provoke them, but no, no nurse came to rescue me. My room was next to their room and there was a widow in the wall. In my desperation i decided to use my leg ( somehow I managed to rise my leg although it was also tied up) and knock on the window with my feet. After few minutes of this insane knocking, it finally worked. A fat brunette with short hair came in. She was like an angel from heaven to me. She loosened up this freaking string and I could breath again.
After a short time i somehow magically managed to untie my right hand and in the matter of seconds I was free again. HaHa! I am saying NO TO BONDAGE, forever!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So, OK, all right, this is a Limbo. I can accept that. Floor -1. Not that bad yet. I can deal with that. This people walking slowly next to my bed, their stiff bodies, their grey faces, they all look so used! and dusty! Like if they just left their graves! Condemmned souls!
Maybe even worse - alive corpses! Still with one leg in so-called second world.
They were sometimes talking, but I couldn't understand them, they talked in some ancient dialect. Maybe they were born 100 years ago?
Only one of them decided to speak to me.
He was young, had dark, curly hair and he actually talked in the modern dialect so i didn't have any problem with understanding him. His eyes were scared. He was holding nervously his silver mug and was talking about Satan. He made few strange gestures as if he wanted to scare the Satan away, then he left. But he smiled to me. I don't think he was afraid of me.
This made me sure that I am indeed in hell and that Satan has something to do with all this. And I came here to save them. And I will! As soon as they untie me from this metal bed. But I am not in a hurry. Actually I enjoy this, it's all so new and unusual...Hell yes!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

They won't get me!

Next thing i am forced to lie on the bed. Suddenly there is four of them, four devilish doctors and nurses. Two women and two men. They threw me on this nasty metal bed but I am stronger than them, I am fighting, i don't want them to get me, i don't trust them. ( who knows what they are up to) and this dark-haired bitch and this blond-haired bitch, how can i know what they prepared for me in this huge syringe.
I am fighting then strongly and yell that I don't trust them - and suddenly this male nurse who brought me here said in a very soft way " you don't trust me? ". And that was the end of me, it took my attention for a second and they got me. That huge syringe was now in my thight. I lost.
All because of him and his little trick.

After that they had a power over me. They immediately tied me up to this bed and drove me to the corridor...They left me there , on this corridor , tied up and under i.v...
Now everybody could watch me like in the circus. They were watching me and I was watching them as they were passing slowly... i thought i was in hell. Literary.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I don't like bathrooms

When I found myself in this tiny bathroom the war started. How can I know why I felt the need to disinfect this place. I opened the toilet and emptied the whole content of the spray into the toilet bowl. But that was not enough: sudden wild anger towards the whole place took me over. I dashed the big roll of the toilet paper( later I will be reminiscing this fresh, white beautiful piece of toilet paper) and smashed the toliet bowl with a big ,red cleaning brush. That was enough, I fulfilled my duty. I was content. I could go away now. I washed my hands and opened the door. And there he was. A nice looking, young and tall with shaved head employee of the hospital. Nurse, paramedic,a guard, how could I know. He was looking at me strangely, I knew there was something. Not thinking too long I attacked him with my shoe. His face looked even more astounded. He jumped towars me and immobilized me. But my father came in to rescue me saying " She will go alone". He let me go. I was calm and actually pretty happy. He took me under one arm and my father under the next and the gate opened. Last thing I said before the gate was closed behind me was " Great! I can smoke here!" and next everything started progresing very fast.

Friday, June 5, 2009

My parents are very sneaky

I have to solve this..I have to finish this pack of cigarettes...what does she want again..why is she following me..intruding..entering this room..i put some blockade on my doesn't stop her.. she wants something , o my god.. i have to let her in.


Next thing I see it's a beautiful park, beautiful weather, sun, very happy weather and me , on the back side of the car , just waking up. Nice, nice, where am I this time.
O, it's a hospital, no problem, if they think i really need to see somebody , no problem, i can see a psychiatrist if they really wish, i don't need it, but i don't care, ha! it's actually fascinating, I always wanted to see this building, to see this famous MENTAL HOSPITAL in BK. They want me to sign something, no problem I smile to the nice lady behind the window and i sign it with my great big unruled signature. Well, let's go, where is this doctor , but, where is the bathroom first, i need to pee. I am turning and heading to the bathroom. My parents are waiting for me at the corridor. I don't even look at them, I am too amused! I entered the bathroom, a typical bathroom, nothing special about it , but still it was a very, very provocative bathroom..