Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tied up Revolution

I spend in this hellish corridor at least two days, actually i think it was even three but i don't remember since they completely drugged me there. The only thing I know is that I was in a very revolutionary mood. Because of that the personnel decided to give me my own room. My OWN ROOM, beautiful. My own room - so called solitary confinement. The night came and I woke up, the string was torturing me, I couldn't breath. I started calling them, but nobody was coming, nobody was paying any attention, they were ignoring me completely or they didn't believe me. I heard their voices behind the wall, I knew they were there, sitting and smoking in great moods, watching TV and eating "Merci" chocolates. It was hopeless, it was excruciating. I used all my powers to provoke them, but no, no nurse came to rescue me. My room was next to their room and there was a widow in the wall. In my desperation i decided to use my leg ( somehow I managed to rise my leg although it was also tied up) and knock on the window with my feet. After few minutes of this insane knocking, it finally worked. A fat brunette with short hair came in. She was like an angel from heaven to me. She loosened up this freaking string and I could breath again.
After a short time i somehow magically managed to untie my right hand and in the matter of seconds I was free again. HaHa! I am saying NO TO BONDAGE, forever!

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