Saturday, June 13, 2009

They won't get me!

Next thing i am forced to lie on the bed. Suddenly there is four of them, four devilish doctors and nurses. Two women and two men. They threw me on this nasty metal bed but I am stronger than them, I am fighting, i don't want them to get me, i don't trust them. ( who knows what they are up to) and this dark-haired bitch and this blond-haired bitch, how can i know what they prepared for me in this huge syringe.
I am fighting then strongly and yell that I don't trust them - and suddenly this male nurse who brought me here said in a very soft way " you don't trust me? ". And that was the end of me, it took my attention for a second and they got me. That huge syringe was now in my thight. I lost.
All because of him and his little trick.

After that they had a power over me. They immediately tied me up to this bed and drove me to the corridor...They left me there , on this corridor , tied up and under i.v...
Now everybody could watch me like in the circus. They were watching me and I was watching them as they were passing slowly... i thought i was in hell. Literary.

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